About Me

Hi! My name is Syarifah Dhira, I am Twenty something soon to be Thirty something (a couple of yearssss to go, aah) but I wish to be a forever child inside. Whatever, age is just a matter of number.

My biggest wish is to be a crew of USS enterprise (I even dreamed an interview session with Captain Picard) or to be a Jaeger Pilot fighting Kaijus using Tacit Ronin. While my hobbies are including; cooking, writing, reading and watching (pretty moderate, ya). I like to read and watch Digimon, Detective Conan or Doraemon while eating. Movie I enjoy the most is the one that including monster fighting anything in it.

I am a grown up woman who has a full control upon myself with only couples of exception, such as: when I see a little cat wandering around with an innocent face, when I am hungry and see a slice of chocolate cake, then I usually lost control of myself :p

For contact please email to: syarifah.dhira@gmail.com

Thank you and have a nice day 🙂

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