9 Alien Invasion Movies for Sci-Fi Lover

Arthur C. Clark once said, “Either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying”. I think about his statement while sitting under a dark sky full of stars and I quickly agree with him. If human really is alone in this vast universe, wow, “what an awful waste of space” said Carl Sagan. And if we are not, then, wow, I can not decide if I wanted to know who they are or what they are capable to do.

Alien Invasion might be one of my favourite theme in movie, apart from movie about giant monsters. It makes me wondering, if there’s really any Alien out there, are they friendly or no? Are they smarter than human? Do they look like us or even as small as an amoeba or even as big as an elephant? I or we don’t know about it, yet. Well, these kind of movies makes me aware and get ready for any alien invasion, if it ever happen.

According to these movies below, there are several kind of Alien Invasion based on their purpose:

  1. The Refugees : They are trying to find a better home on earth, because as they told us, their planet are dying (but we never know, who’s gonna have time to check?)
  2. The Conquerer : They want to take over the earth, for whatever reason and with whatever way.
  3. The Go Green : They disappointed with what human did to earth, so they try to bring earth as it was before human exist by get rid off the human
  4. The Hungry : They come to earth to steal our planet’s resources so they can live. And by saying the planet’s resources, it could mean: water, air or even the human itself!

So, here some of Alien Invasion movies for you to watch!

1. Independence Day (1996)


Director : Roland Emmerich 

Stars : Will Smith, Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum

IMdb Rating : 6,9

Alien Type : The Conquerer

Hm, this movie is a hype when it was released 19 years ago (yes! 19 years. You read it correctly) and it made more than 800 million dollar in Box Office. That was about 1,8 trillion Rupiah at that time, I calculated it for you. This movie is so memorable that I memorize it as the cheesiest alien movie ever. That was 10 year old me thinking. Years gone by and I still think the same way as I did 17 years ago. I’d still watch this for the thrilled and the alien experience offered in a cheesy touching way. Still, this is my least favourite movie directed by Rolland Emmerich.

2. The Faculty (1998)


Director : Robert Rodriguez

Stars : Jordana Brewster, Clea DuVall, Laura HarrisJosh HartnettElijah WoodSalma Hayek

IMdb Rating : 6,4

Alien Type : The Conquerer

I never thought that The Faculty is super mega foxy awesome or it would win an Oscar. But if anything, watching this movie is fun! You could see the casts before they shine bright in Hollywood. Let’s say it is Elijah Wood pre-Frodo but after Deep Impact. Or Salma Hayek before Frida and after Fools Rush In.

3. The Day The Earth Stood Still (2008)


Director : Scott Derrickson

Stars : Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connelly, Kathy Bates

IMdb Rating : 5,5

Alien Type : The Go Green

I watch The Day The Earth Stood Still for two reasons: Keanu Reeves and… Keanu Reeves. Ok, that’s one reason. Sorry for being that shallow. I must confess that I’m not immune to Reeves’s charm (I had a crush on him while I was, I don’t know, eight?).

Although this movie receives lots of bad critics, such as, how weak Klaatu is when it is about a cute little kid and his super mega beautiful step mother crying for each other. Do you really buy that, Klaatu?

But. There is one line I really remember from this movie. That is “If the Earth dies, you die. If you die, the Earth survives”. Think about this and be grateful for what human (along with other living creatures on earth) have now.

4. War of The Worlds (2005)


Director :Steven Spielberg 

Stars : Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning, Tim Robbins

IMdb Rating : 6,5

Alien Type : The Hungry and The Conquerer

With 132 million dollar as the budget, this, like all modern sci-fi films, the pictures looks awesome and realistic. Just let’s see if I’ll gonna say this when I watch it 20 years later. The only one that is not realistic is how people react when the Alien is around. But, it’s still a scary ride anyway.

5. District 9


Director : Neill Blomkamp

Stars : Sharlto Copley, David James, Jason Cope

IMdb Rating : 8

Alien Type : The Refugee

Another different story about Alien. If we usually watch about Alien who would like to take over the earth for whatever reason. Prawn, the alien in District 9 is a refugee came along the years light distance of space to seek a new home. Prawn is a worker class Alien, they came extremely malnutricion, has no leader and act how they want to act and this caused problem to human.

Surprisingly, not like any other Alien who happen to adjust their ship to big cities on earth such as, New York, or whatever place in USA, they tied up to Johannesburg, South Africa.

District 9 makes me thinking, if there was any intelligence living creature out there and we could make contact with them, it could have gone something like this.

6. Edge of Tomorrow


Director : Doug Liman

Stars : Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt 

IMdb Rating : 7,9

Alien Type : The Conquerer

WAW! This is one of my favourite ever! I don’t mind watch this movie over and over and over and over again (if you know what I mean). This movie is an adaptation of Japanese manga titled “All You Need is Kill” and it has a different ending with the movie, btw.

The idea of humans are at war with aliens that is threatening to get rid of human is common. Yes, we could see this theme in lots of Alien movie. But, it is the “groundhog days” coupled with crazy and mind blowing spectacular action extravaganza that makes this movie stands different from the other.

I guess it’s time to rewatch.

7. Oblivion


Director : Joseph Kosinski

Stars : Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Andrea RiseboroughOlga Kurylenko

IMdb Rating : 7,0

Alien Type : The Conquerer and The Hungry

This movie actually is about a super sweet love story packed in science fiction theme, along with explosions, fire shots and fantastic visual effect. For me, there is far more to like in Oblivion than to hate.

8. Starship Troopers


Director : Paul Verhoeven

Stars : Casper Van Dien, Denise Richards

IMdb Rating : 7,2

Alien Type : The Conquerer

First thing I can say about this movie is; “I grow up with this!”. Yes, I watched Spaceship Troopers along with my brother while waiting our mother to come back home. With the brain of a child, I was thinking that this movie is terrific, brilliant, and… violent (the TV station cencored the scene, but still!). And I still thinking that way with my nowaday brain.

9. Dark Skies


Director : Scott Stewart

Stars : Keri Russell, Jake Brennan, Josh Hamilton

IMdb Rating : 6,3

Alien Type : The Conquerer

If I didn’t read before that this movie is about Alien, I might thought that this is a horror movie since it looks like one. The twisted is obvious, and it is not entertaining enough at least for me. I kept looking at the time and hoping for this movie is close to an end. However, watch this when you feel like you want to be frightened by a series of occult event.

Written By : Syarifah Dhira – I do not own any of pictures, posters or videos in this blog post.

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