Watch These 4 Movies About Puppy Love. Can You Relate Them To Your Childhood Love?

Puppy love or in Indonesian they called it as ‘Cinta Monyet’, is commonly known as a crush happened in childhood or adolescene era of life. It is cute, immature and nothing serious. The feeling towards the crush object sometime associated as the same affection from human to a puppy.

I’ve watched some of good Puppy Love movie and now I’m gonna share it with you! Check it out!

4. Let The Right One In (2008)


Director : Tomas Alfredson

Starring : Kåre HedebrantLina Leandersson

Genre : Drama, Horror, Romance

IMDb Rating: 8,0

Puppy Love in this movie is kind of creepy since it happened between Oskar, a young boy and Eli, an androgyny vampire that still remain as a child for uncertain year. Despite all of the danger of being near with the Vampire, Oskar still falls for Eli. Actually, they fall for each other. For the other one is fill the emptiness of the other.

3. Little Manhattan (2005)


Director : Mark Levin

Starring : Josh HutchersonCharlie RayCynthia Nixon

Genre : Comedy, Family, Romance

IMDb Rating: 7,6

10 year old Gabe falls madly in love (at least that is what he thinks at that time) with Rosemary, an 11 year old girl. Gabe fells a little bit confused about his feeling towards Rosemary since it is his first time to fall in love. But does Rosemary feel the same way? This is an honest perspective of love from a fifth grader point of view.

2. Moonrise Kingdom (2012)


Director : Wes Anderson 

Starring : Bruce WillisEdward NortonBill MurrayKara HaywardJared Gilman

Genre : Adventure, Comedy, Drama

IMDb Rating: 7,9

Sara and Sam live in a somekind of remote island in UK. They secretly talk through letters to each other and fall in love. While Sara falls for Sam’s bold yet casual manner, Sam falls for Sara’s rebelious personality. Eventually, they plan to flee the Island, to escape the discomfort of their each life.

1. Flipped (2010)


Director : Rob Reiner

Starring : Madeline CarrollCallan McAuliffeRebecca De Mornay

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance

IMDb Rating: 7,7

Juli knows it was love when the first time she met Bryce, and she still feels the same way even after 4 years. On those time, the feeling was a total opposite. Bryce, who couldn’t refuse directly to Juli, for he afraid of hurting Juli’s feeling, keep looking for a way to avoid Juli. Which is not easy because Juli never, never give up. Or will she?

Written By : Syarifah Dhira – I do not own any of pictures, posters or videos in this blog post.

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